Sassy and bold venture as Jess Holland gets out there

SINGER-songwriter Jess Holland is giving festival fans a taster of her new album Whole Lot To Say.

Her new single, Fine Lines, was released on December 6, the album will be out on March 28 and Tamworth audiences will be among the first to hear the tracks.

Fine Lines reminisces about a wild and carefree relationship that grew to be unpredictable and, despite breaking the rules, remained enticing and left you wanting more.

“Kind of like being associated with a ‘bad boy’ character that you just can’t part with,” Jess said. “This is personally one of my favourite tracks off the album, as it has a great vibe and groove to it.

“It has a storyline that I wanted people to relate to like I have, with a hardhitting attitude that reflects the overall sound of my new album.”

The Mungindi woman said she wanted to embrace the festival.

“I just love the festival,” she said. “Every gig is just so intimate and it really leaves you on a high, because the whole vibe of the festival is so electric.”

Jess said, as well as her own gigs, the highlights for her were seeing the new acts coming through and the buskers.

“It’s also a really good chance to catch up with people,” she said. “Everywhere you look there’s live music – what else do you want?”

The year ahead will be a busy time for the artist originally from Mudgee.

“I can’t wait to just get my new music out there. It’s exciting playing something no one has heard before live. It’s also a bit nerve-wracking, I suppose, but I’m so proud of this album and I hope everyone else is too,” she said.

Jess said she wouldn’t have much time to herself this year, because she had devoted it to promoting the new album. 

“I will have quite a few launch parties for the album, so it’ll be next year on the road,” she said. “I’ve written quite a few of the songs. I had a lot to say, for me personally, and had a bit to do to follow up from the last album. It’s quite sassy and quite bold.”

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