Distance doesn’t dissuade duo

TRAVELLING around the world then driving across Australia to get to Tamworth is never too much trouble for German couple Elvira and Dieter Wolff.

This year is their fourth Tamworth Country Music Festival, having been here in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

“We came in 2006 on our trip around Australia for one year,” Mr Wolff said. “We didn’t plan it. We came for a look and stayed and come back every two years.”

Mr Wolff said they loved the festival and Australia in general. They must, because this is their 18th journey to Australia.

On this trip, they’ve been in Australia since October, drove from Perth to Tamworth in a motorhome and will return to Germany in July.

“We love all the atmosphere, music and very wide variety of music in Tamworth,” Mr Wolff said. “We like not so much the bush ballads, just because they are difficult to understand.”

Mrs Wolff said they loved Tamworth because it was a “nice little town”.

It’s similar to their hometown of Oberursel, north-west of Frankfurt.

They wanted to move to Australia, but said their ages did not fit the visa criteria.

They have bought tickets to John Williamson, Steve Passfield and Handpicked and Sara Storer so far and are going to see the Stuie French Picker’s Night.

“We got the official guide and planned who to see,” Mrs Wolff said.

Mr Wolff said it took a lot of time to plan the whole festival.

“We like to do different artists,” he said.

They are prepared, having already taken out festival memberships at clubs around the city.

The couple will keep their German friends up-to-date through their blog at www.wolff-in-au.de

“They wait for all the things we have done,” Mr Wolff said. “In September we have a social group and do a multimedia show. We call it Australia Day and have a barbecue.”

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