Kelly Goff is shooting for the moon

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“SHOOT for the moon and if you miss you still land amongst the stars”, is a favourite saying of Kelly Goff.

Kelly, 32, has some big dreams and becoming this year’s Country Music Quest Queen would be a great way to kick off 2014.

The mother of four, pictured, sponsored by Memories Newsagency, is an independent consultant for La Reve cosmetics and is also a keen singer/songwriter who would love to pursue a career in the music industry.

For her the festival is the perfect way to indulge that passion.

“I love the different styles of music, and the different cultures too, meeting new people and the atmosphere is awesome – the kids love it,” Kelly said.

Outside those magic 10 days in January, music is what occupies the little spare time she has.

“I’m singing, always singing, spare time or not, and writing, both poetry and songs,” Kelly said.

“I get to the jam nights at the Albert Hotel and occasionally the songwriters’ nights whenever I can.

“I also love dancing, love horses, motorbikes, yoga – there’s lots and lots on my bucket list.”

The quest is just the latest challenge Kelly has set herself, seeing it as a “fantastic opportunity to get involved in the community”.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people and getting right into the festival,” she said.

“Seeing the queens and the contestants over the past few years, I have always thought how much fun it would be.”

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