Golden Sunrise dawns on Tamworth

ICE-CREAM at dawn was the order at the Big Golden Guitar yesterday as the Sunrise “Ice-Dream truck” rolled into Tamworth.

Although still three days away from the official start, country music visitors, CMAA Academy of Country Music students and artists headed to the Big Golden Guitar for their 15 minutes of fame, as Tamworth was beamed across Australia on the Seven Network.

Weather reporter Edwina Bartholomew said they visited the country music capital after Destination NSW recommended they drop in prior to the festival.

“I’ve been to the festival before and it was really nice to be here in the lead-up,” she said. “We wanted to rev-up support for it, but by the looks of it, we don’t need to. I loved it when I came here.”

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She said she loved the feeling around Tamworth at the moment.

“We visit so many country towns, and it’s lovely to see the town crazy,” she said. “The zest and love of country music is infectious. You can’t stop yourself tapping your toes and line dancing. I love Peel St and the mad buskers and crazy fans.”

During the weather crosses Ashleigh Dallas, Amber Lawrence, line dancers and the students of the CMAA Academy of Country Music performed for the national audience.

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