Popular Tamworth cafe ransacked 

Broken glass, shattered cups and saucers, smashed pictures and food and drinks splashed all over the floor.

That was the mess that was left for Dowe St Cafe owners Bob and Vanessa Seeley after offenders struck early on Sunday morning.

Their beloved little business was turned upside down, leaving a damage bill of more than $10,000.

“It’s frustrating more than anything,” Mrs Seeley said. “They just trashed everything.”

The offenders broke a front window leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Thousands of dollars worth of food which had been ordered for the country music crowds has been destroyed.

And it’s not knowing what they touched which makes it even worse.

“They left the fridge door open and pulled out all the foods and sandwich bar. We had to replace everything because it could be contaminated if they touched it,” Mr Seeley said.

“They didn’t do anything with it, they just threw it on the floor.”

Coffee and sugar were strewn along the floor and the coffee machine tipped on its side, leaving an almighty mess once police called.

“They must have seen there was no money in the till,” Mrs Seeley said.

“So they thought they would trash the joint.”

It’s not the first time they’ve been hit.

On the October long weekend thieves broke in and took a handful of goods. This time ’round a packet of biscuits was all they took off with.

“You see all the mess they make and you have to clean it up ... but for what?” Mr Seeley said.

Police and forensics have combed the local cafe for clues while Mr and Mrs Seeley spent all of Sunday and yesterday morning cleaning up the mess.

They are just hoping someone in the area might remember something. 

“Hopefully it might prompt people in the hope that someone might have seen something,” Mrs Seeley said.

Anyone with information should contact Tamworth police or Crime Stoppers.

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