Many embrace country music festival, others are hermits

IT APPEARS, on the whole, if Tamworth residents are home for the country music festival, they will choose to embrace it.

The Leader took to Facebook to ask the perennial question of how locals view the world-famous festival – and received some surprising results.

Many told us they loved the event and saw as much as possible, with Peel St being a particularly favourite haunt.

Others like to holiday away from town or lock themselves up at home like hermits for the festival, either due to the crowds, road congestion or heat, but others realise how lucky they are to have such an event on their doorstep and are in the process of choosing which gigs to attend.

If getting around town is a problem, the $10-for-10-days bus wristbands are also being embraced by locals who use the service during the festival, making their commute easier – they also don’t have to find a car space at work.

Many of our respondents are also having friends and family stay at their homes for the festival, so they celebrate the event together.

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