Omens good for Wolfgangs Boy at Glen Innes

MARTY Say reckons it might be a little coincidental if Inverell Cup winner Wolfgangs Boy added a Glen Innes Cup to his recent list of wins.

Say runs the family Yasloc Poll Dorset Stud near Glen Innes.

The stud was one of the Glen Innes Jockey Club sponsors and went into a draw with the  fellow sponsors to see who gained Cup naming rights.

“We were the lucky draw winners,”  Say  said.

“It’s a good meeting with  some good nominations and hopefully the weather will be good although it’s all covered in now. 

“It’s a pretty good facility  now.”

The coincidence for Marty Say (Andrew is his correct Christian name) extends to the fact Tamworth owner Phil Lyne is a former Glen Innes “boy” and is a part-owner of Wolfgangs Boy, who led all the way to win the  recent Inverell Cup in fine style.

Say has known him for many years.

“I was great mates with his younger brother, Nick,”  Say said.

“We went to Farrer together.

“Unfortunately, Nick died young.”

They were such good mates, Say named one of his sons, Nick Say, after his late schoolmate.

Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School was a great learning institution for Say too.

He excelled at rugby league where he led the school’s rugby league side from halfback and then played for Tamworth City in Tamworth before returning home to run the family farm.

His father, Col Say, has had a long history of racing with the local club.

“He raced many horses and sponsored races as well,” Marty  said of his now 80-year-old father.

“They had some good horses – won South Grafton and Armidale Cups, a West Tamworth Cup and a Deepwater Cup. 

“Merv Corliss trained for dad and before him Hunter Kilner.

“So if Phil was to win it with Wolfgangs Boy there’d be a bit of poetry there. He did ring up to tell us he was coming  too. 

“I’m sure they’d take great pleasure in winning it. 

“I hope they do,”  Say said.

He also explained the name of the family Poll Dorset Stud.

“It’s (Yasloc) Col Say spelled backwards,” he laughed.

A lot of people hadn’t realised it over the years, he said.

One person he recalled rang to say they’d been driving past for 30 years and it wasn’t until they looked in their rearview mirror as they passed the stud and saw the name in reverse that they twigged to Yasloc’s meaning.

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