Lachlan wins year’s name game

LACHLAN, with four listings, scraped home by one head as the most popular baby name for boys in Tamworth and district for 2013, while Matilda was the most popular name for girls.

The number of boys published in The Northern Daily Leader’s The Day I was Born section was streets ahead of the girls – 93 boys to 57 girls.

William was the second most popular name: three Williams appeared in our pages. (Interestingly, William was also the most popular baby name in NSW for 2013.)

Liam tied for second with three mentions in The Leader pages.

There were two Alexanders and one Alex.

Boys’ names which appeared twice included Ashton, Braxton, Charlie, Elijah, Hamish, Hugh, Hunter, Jacob, Jack and Jake.

There was a James, a Jimmy and a Jamie, so we counted them all separately.

After Matilda (three), there were also two appearances each of baby girls named Chloe, Elizabeth, Indi and Willow.

There was a continued trend away from traditional names – in both spelling and number.

Some of the more interesting boys’ names were: Brayth, Callum, Koby-Jay, Lakyn, Lexx, Rhyan, Shanakee and Tailor.

Some of the more colourful girls’ names were: Addison, Adonica, Ameliyah, Ellieanna, Emmison, Jazmyne, Makenzie, Matayia-Jane and Quinn.

More traditional boys’ names such as David, George, Harry, Lucas, Neville, Noah, Patrick, Peter, Sam and Timothy only appeared once.

In the girls, more classic names which also appeared only once were Amelia, Gabrielle, Monique, Patricia, Rebecca and Sophie.

So, how does our district compare with the top baby names for NSW in 2013?

The top three boys’ names in NSW were: William, Oliver and Jack, while the top three girls’ names were Charlotte, Olivia and Amelia.

Tamworth’s top baby names of 2013

Boys: Lachlan, William, Liam, Alexander, Jack, 

Girls: Matilda, Chloe, Elizabeth, Indi, Willow

* Source: NDL’s The Day I Was Born page

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