Hot and cross over buns’ early arrival

THE Christmas trees are still up, celebrations for the new year are only just beginning to subside but another season staple has locals hot under the collar.

Hot cross buns are synonymous with Easter and will hit the shelves of some major supermarket chains from this morning after catalogues heralded the sale of the goods last week.

“We’re still in the 12 days of Christmas,” William Coulston said.

“I’m still eating my partner’s mother’s Christmas cake ... it’s ridiculous.”

And he said he’s not alone – arguing there are others who share his sentiment four months out from Easter.

“Easter is very late this year,” Mr Coulston said.

“Nearly four months in advance, and they’re advertising already.

“It’s commercialism being thrust upon us.”

Mr Coulston was flicking through a catalogue of one of the major supermarket chains last Friday when he uncovered the sale promotion.

“Yeah, I was having a bit of a browse and a big picture of six hot cross buns was there and I went ‘argh ... it’s still Christmas’,” he said.

A similar argument reared its head in January last year as shoppers uncovered the Easter staple on the shelves months out from the holidays.

Supermarket chains said they were just catering to shoppers’ demands.

And while this Tamworthian loves the Easter treat, it must be at the right time.

“It’s just getting earlier and earlier and earlier ... it’s silly,” he said.

“You don’t see Christmas decorations and most Christmas things for sale until early October, which is fine.

“But I mean four months out and we’re in Christmas ... hello.”

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