Keep hands off deadly live wires

WITH wild weather still on the cards as the region continues to swelter, Essential Energy is warning of the danger of fallen and damaged powerlines.

Essential Energy’s regional manager Ben Williams said in the event of finding a downed line, always assume it was live and stay at least eight metres away.

“Never, ever touch the line or object in contact with it. Always assume it is live and report it to Essential Energy on 13 20 80 as soon as possible,” Mr Williams said. 

“Also stay away from anything that may be in contact with the line, such as fences or trees, as they are conductors of electricity. 

“Be aware that electricity can arc to surrounding objects and possibly you, if you are too close, which means you can be seriously injured without actually touching the powerline.” 

People living and working on farms needed to be particularly vigilant. 

“In town a low-hanging or fallen powerline will usually be reported immediately and quickly repaired,” Mr Williams said. 

“However, on a rural property the first indication that something is not right may be one or more dead animals in a paddock. 

“The owner’s inclination will be to approach to find out what the problem is, but if the animals have been electrocuted, the likelihood is that whatever killed them – whether a powerline or another object in contact with the powerline – is still ‘live’.”

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