Psychic’s predictions for area for 2014

FIRE, flood, a councillor’s fall from grace, an abduction leading to murder and even a federal election are in the wind for our region in 2014, according to a renowned clairvoyant.

Maria Campbell unveiled her predictions for the region for 2014, ranging from the bleeding obvious to the highly improbable.

“People have to be careful of fire,” Ms Campbell said.

“I do see bushfires, too.

“I get a building in flames – I can hear it.”

There would also be a lot of “snivelling and shovelling” surrounding a “well-respected” councillor.

“There’s going to be some sort of scandal around the Tamworth-Armidale district,” Ms Campbell said.

She predicted we’d have a new bishop – “it’s going to be a very big thing”.

There would also be deaths of two racing drivers on dirt roads in the region – and “an identified cyclist” and an NRL player would be hurt, she said.

A high-profile author and high-profile racehorse trainer will both die – but they’re not from our region.

There could also be a derailment caused by a train colliding with a sheep truck, she said.

In the arts, prizes and movie shoots will occur.

“Someone (an artist) is going to win a prize,” Ms Campbell said.

“An author is going to be given some sort of award (and) I feel (their book) could be made into a movie.

“More celebrities are going to be in that area for film casting and a local, I feel, is going to audition for it.

“There’s also going to be a murder up there, too – actually, there could be two.

“I feel one’s going to be caused by an abduction of some sort; I feel that in the long term, the person will be caught.”

Ms Campbell said the murderer would escape jail and head to the coast, but be caught.

She said a lot of snake and dog bites would happen, plus an infestation of crops.

Deer and pig hunters needed to be careful “because I see someone being shot”.

The graduation ceremony at the University of New England would be “spectacular”, while “someone deserving” will win the lotto.

She also forecast “a lot of growth around Tamworth – new subdivisions are going ahead”.

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