Shop around for cheapest fuel prices

IF YOU’RE after cheap petrol over the Christmas and New Year period, it might pay to shop around in Tamworth – well known as consistently being one of the top three towns in NSW with the highest petrol prices.

Petrol prices yesterday in Tamworth were unusually wide-ranging, with Caltex coming out the cheapest.

Caltex’s unleaded petrol (RON91) was $150.9 cents per litre.

It was followed by Matilda Service Station at Nemingha, at $152.9 cents per litre, and BP Longyard and at the Viaduct both sitting at $158.9 cents per litre.

Shell would not comment on its prices.

Prices had mainly stabilised in the past two to three weeks, with most heading up a few cents per litre as the holidays started.

BP Longyard console operator Wayne Moody said their price had been $156.9 in the weeks leading up to Christmas before it rose slightly.

“I think you’ll find it changed everywhere,” he said.

“If you do see cheaper, it’s usually dockets or Coles and Woolies fuel offers.

“We compete with most of (the other brands) pretty much all of the time ... at the end of the day, we’ve got to compete.”

He said when he used to work as a console operator in Sydney he well remembers when the price of fuel went above $1 a litre for the first time and the barrage of complaints which ensued.

“These days people pay it because you have to put fuel in the car.

“They don’t complain about the price of beer but when it comes to putting fuel in the car (they do) ... If I get complaints, it’s mainly from Queensland or out-of-town (drivers)”.

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