A local lad who had a go is an inspiration

In the interest of inspiring Gen Y and also showing the community that some of these young people have a “can-do” attitude to work and career, we should be telling the community about John-Paul Vella’s inspiring business success, from his school days to his Turf farms.

As a neighbour we watched him from a school kid growing vegies along Goonoo Goonoo Rd with a roadside stall and packing the stall with goods as he got off the school bus, still in school uniform.

He purchased houses in town at a young age, all through hard work, and made his mark in the turf game.

This was a local lad who had a go and all the locals down the highway supported him, until he was closed down by what appears to be civic pressure.

I am despondent with all the gloom and doom, muggings and mayhem that gets reported, so it would be good to showcase what young people can do when they put their mind to it.

(John-Paul died tragically in a truck accident near Singleton on December 4.)

Charles Latter


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