Ashleigh’s passion for midwifery

WHILE the rest of us were indulging in the excesses of Christmas yesterday, Ashleigh Foy was pacing the corridors of Tamworth hospital’s maternity ward.

And she wouldn’t have it any other way. The aspiring midwife, who worked her first Christmas Day as a nurse yesterday, is so intoxicated by the magic of maternity she was more than happy to clock on for the evening shift. Her fascination with midwifery came as a new mum, when in 2008 she gave birth to her first child Hayleigh in Tamworth.

“I had no idea what I wanted to be when I was 18 and I ended up being a teenage mum,” Ms Foy said.

“I just marvelled at the fact that these midwives get to do this every day. They get to bring life into the world. I couldn’t think of any better job in the world. You meet so many people from all walks of life and hear their stories.”

But it was the wisdom and support of midwife Kim Smith that confirmed to Ms Foy she had found her professional destiny.

“Kim was present at the birth of my daughter and I just bonded with her. And she’s been here throughout my whole training – she’s amazing,” Ms Foy said.

Now a mum-of-three, Ms Foy, 24, will officially become a registered nurse in the coming days.

She will study a post-graduate course in midwifery in 2015 and hopes to become a fully fledged midwife by 2016.

“I want to stay working at Tamworth; this is where our life is and I want to support a rural hospital,” she said.

“A lot train here but then tend to go off to bigger cities to work.”

Ms Foy still managed to spend Christmas morning with her family, before starting her shift at 1.30pm yesterday.

Mrs Smith, the clinical midwifery manager at Tamworth Base, said she was proud to have played a part in Ms Foy’s career.

“It does make me feel very proud because obviously I had an impact on her when she gave birth here,” Mrs Smith said.

“She’s a great asset for the hospital and extremely dedicated. It’s tough when you’ve got a young family and have to study part-time and work full-time but she manages to do it.”

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