New mum improvises with novel Christmas tree idea

DON’T let Logan Pepper’s innocent eyes and adorable smile fool you.

Given half a chance, the seven-month-old would love nothing more than to wrap his tiny hands around a Christmas tree’s flashing lights or shiny ornaments and give them a good tug.

Apart from the obvious hassle of picking fallen decorations up off the floor, the risk of a baby or toddler coming to harm on a hot, sharp, toxic or choking-sized adornment – let alone pulling a tree down on top of themselves – is a genuine concern.

While out Christmas shopping recently, it dawned on first-time mum Kayarna Pepper just how hazardous a tree could be for a curious baby with a tendency to grab at anything and everything.

So, in a moment of inspiration, the Oxley Vale resident decided some tinsel, Blu-Tack and the wall of her loungeroom was all she needed to keep the important yuletide tradition alive.

“It just came to me when I was out shopping for a Christmas tree,” she said. 

“Logan isn’t much of a crawler as such but he gets along on his back and then grabs onto things to pull himself up, which is what I thought he’d do with a Christmas tree.”

Unsure how her husband, Scott, would react, Mrs Pepper kept the wall-mounted tree a secret until it was up in all its glory.

“He just stood there and looked at it for a while and said ‘Yeah, that’s nice’,” she said with a laugh.

Mrs Pepper, 27, said it had taken three years of trying for Logan to be conceived, which made his first Christmas all the more momentous.

“It wouldn’t have been the same without a tree,” she said.

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