NIAS squad gets into chipping and sand

BUNKER play and chipping were two of the main topics when the Tamworth Golf Club-sponsored NIAS Golf squad met again on the weekend.

The group of nine talented golfers had a morning session at Tamworth Golf Club before head coach Brock Sampson took them out to play an afternoon round in the Longyard Golf Club competition.

“They area good bunch of young golfers,”  Sampson said.

“The Longyard might be something a bit different for a few of them. Some of the boys have played there a bit but some might not have. They might have to play some different shots out there.”

At a previous session, Sampson had all their “short games tested”.

“We had a look at their weaknesses and got them to work on their techniques,” he said.

“Today we’ve been working on their bunker shots and chip and run.”

While many prefer to throw up high spinning approach shots, chip and running is an art needed on a lot of links style courses, such as the Longyard.

Sampson said Sunday was another session of practising pitch shots.

The weekend sessions were the final ones before Christmas.

“We’ll probably be back after the Country Music Festival,” he said.

“It’s too hard to get the boys together over the school holidays.”

The TGC NIAS golf squad ranges in handicaps, with Tom Gill the low marker on two while Jock McPherson might be the highest on 12.

“I’d expect all their handicaps to start coming down, especially over the school holidays when they can all play and practise more,” Sampson said.

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