Sun lights up festive night

HOMEOWNERS have been warned to keep a close eye on Christmas light displays, but it seems an increasing number of residents are choosing a safer, and greener, option for their festive cheer.

Essential Energy said it was important to inspect lights and wires for wear and tear before plugging them in, not to overload powerboards and to keep lights away from powerlines and swimming pools.

But more people it seems are going solar as the array of solar lights and Christmas decorations increases each year.

Westdale couple Louisa and Andrew Tait have an impressive display around their Lindsay Rd home, but this year they’ve chosen to invest in solar lights, only a few strands on the roof are still electricity-driven.

“We got over having all those cords everywhere and piggy-backing double adaptors,” Mrs Tait said.

Not having to keep the location of power points in mind, also provided a lot more freedom when it came to decorating.

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