A free pair of new glasses for victim of egg-throwing

AN OPTOMETRIST has stepped in to help a Tamworth man who had his glasses damaged when he was pelted with an egg.

John Curtis said he was in a state of shock after he was egged as he rode his mobility scooter along Willow St earlier last week.

“It happened at point-blank range. They must have had a slingshot in the car,” he said.

“It hit me with such impact. There were no arms outside the car.”

Mr Curtis said he believed he was only about three of four feet away from the car when he was hit, near the intersection of Oak St.

“The impact was right flush on my left eye,” he said.

“I was on my scooter, rocketing along at about 8km/h, when it happened.

“As soon as I looked up, it (the car) had already gone around the corner.”

A passing motorist stopped to check on Mr Curtis, whose glasses broke on impact.

“Thank god I had glasses on, or I would have had a real eye problem,” he said.

“But I had a small cut, with a bit of blood coming out.”

The optometrist, who wanted to remain anonymous, contacted The Leader to offer new glasses, in a gesture of goodwill.

Last Friday afternoon, Mr Curtis went in for a consultation for a new pair of spectacles.

Mr Curtis said he was immensely grateful for the offer of new glasses, after his “rough week”.

Police investigations into the incident are continuing.

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