Showing off cleavage for charity

THEY’RE an Aussie version of Thelma and Louise – but with far more cleavage.

AJ (Awesome Jugs) Muriel and Mavis, a pair of raunchy middle-aged women on a mission, will stop by Werris Creek this week to spread the gospel about their favourite topic – boobs.

The Creek is the first stop on a year-long odyssey where the performing duo hope to raise close to $50,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Their irreverent show (AJ sings and Muriel “shows off”) has already played to pubs in the Aussie outback and raised almost $75,000 for breast cancer research. They call themselves sex symbols from the North Arm Nursing Home for the Blind, which according to AJ means “the drunker you get the better we look”.

But beneath their 10-gallon hats and plummeting cleavage, the women hope to convey a powerful message about the importance of regular breast checks.

“This has been the most humbling experience of our lives because people are so willing share their experiences about breast cancer,” Mavis said.

“We’re not scientists; we can’t find a cure for cancer, but we can help raise money and awareness.”

Travelling and living in a former schoolbus converted to a “boob mobile”, the duo have been touring since July but will launch a new national tour at the Railway Hotel in Werris Creek on Friday night.

While the shows are free, money is raised through the sale of CDs, stubby coolers and donations to the “booby bank”.

“We take donations in our cleavage but we don’t accept coins – we’re not that cheap,” AJ said.

She said the characters had evolved – and become a whole lot more risque – since the show started.

“Look, we’re middle-aged women and I think people must wonder why on earth we would dress like this,” she said.

“We get some strange reactions.”

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