Nundle shop pops up

A NUNDLE favourite has popped up in Tamworth and the customers are popping in.

Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores co-owner Megan Trousdale has set up a pop-up shop to service Tamworth until Christmas.

“People are too busy at this time to travel to Nundle, so I wanted to bring it to them,” she said.

“For us, it’s about making it easier for people. If we wait at Nundle, it’s hard for people to dedicate the travel time at this time of the year, but here they can just pop in.”

This is the first time Mrs Trousdale has done this, but the idea came after she held seven markets around the region during spring.

“I was in Tamworth and saw a few shops for lease and Sally (Clifton) was really open to the idea,” she said.

The pop-up shop opened this week in the Pronto Catering premises on Peel St.

“We were able to put it together quickly, because we already had stock and a strong idea of what we do. It’s got a makeshift feel about it, which I think works, and I like being on this end of Peel St, with Pronto, Ruby’s and Tarnished,” Mrs Trousdale said.

The shop only “popped up” on Wednesday and has already garnered plenty of interest from both regular Nundle customers and others who’d not heard of the store previously.

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