Former Guyra girl joins 21st Century Australia Party

FORMER Guyra girl, Grace Cobb is the second candidate running for the 21st Century Australia Party, the party headed by former Glen Innes man Jamie McIntyre.

Ms Cobb is running in the seat of McPherson on the Gold Coast, where she has lived for six years.

She grew up on a farm in Guyra, attended PLC in Armidale and had always plannedto enter politics.

Ms Cobb said she’d known Mr McIntyre for about six years and met many people including Richard Branson and Tim Ferris through him, and when she heard he was bringing Oprah to Australia, she joked that if she got to meet Oprah she’d run for New England.

Mr McIntyre asked if she’d run on the Gold Coast instead.

“This is something that you know no matter how fearful you might be, you would absolutely regret not doing it,” Ms Cobb said.

The 25-year-old fashion editor also had input into the party’s policy document.

“It’s a great experience for somebody my age to have that influence,” she said.

She is travelling with Mr McIntyre and the campaign manager, assisting at the launches by answering questions.

“It gives the candidates a chance to talk to me about what is involved if they want to run,” she said.

Ms Cobb said the two main areas of policy that she would focus on, if elected, would be the high-speed rail, which she would like to first place between Brisbane and Robina, and the modernisation of the Australian education system.

She also wants to engage people of her generation, particularly women, in politics.

“I want to mobilise youth to effect positive change,” she said.

Mr McIntyre will run in the New England electorate with the party fielding inquiries about candidates in other seats.

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