New face takes aim at Windsor for New England

A MOTIVATIONAL speaker and businessman is thinking of taking on incumbent New England MP Tony Windsor at the federal election in September, and plans to launch a new political party while he’s at it.

Jamie McIntyre grew up at Glen Innes and still has rural holdings in the region.

He would run under a planned 21st Century Australia political party, to overhaul what Mr McIntyre says is an outdated 19th century political system.

Mr McIntyre said Mr Windsor’s backing of Labor was a disgrace and that he “should be banished from the area forever”.

“Tony Windsor should do the honourable thing and resign, just as Prime Minister Gillard should for putting such a bad government in power, or Windsor should run as a Labor or Greens candidate so that voters can see his true colours and not be deceived and betrayed again,” Mr McIntyre said.

He had already offered $250,000 to fund a campaign to ensure Mr Windsor was not re-elected.

Mr McIntyre also plans to field candidates in all 150 seats of the House of Representatives, and seats in the Senate.

His “21st century political system” pushes for voters to vote directly on major policy using new technology.

He also wants an independent board to hold responsibility for government spending.

Mr McIntyre’s system would see the abolition of state governments and compulsory voting.

His Facebook page on such a system has attracted nearly 4000 followers.

Mr McIntyre has founded more than 12 companies and has hosted a number of famous faces to speak at events, with Arnold Schwarzenegger to come in June.

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