Academy flexes at North Coast titles

CHAFFEY’S Black Belt Academy hit gold in Coffs Harbour at the North Coast Karate Titles.

The 13 CBBA students travelled home with a haul of almost 30 medals between them.

Their chief instructor, Clint Chaffey, was delighted with their efforts last Sunday especially from some young up and coming devotees such as Amber Witney, Maddison Cross, Caitlin Brooker and Montana Mason.

Amber Witney claimed three firsts and a second in her 8-9 female age division with wins in her kata, continuous sparring and points sparring as well as a second in sword combat.

Maddison Cross won her 10-11 years female kata and points sparring and was second in her continuous sparring.

Montana Mason also finished with two wins and a second in her 12-13 age group, toasting victory in her kata and points sparring while Caitlin Brooker had a second and two thirds in her 8-9 division behind her clubmate Amber Witney

Katie Langan finished fourth in her 10-11 year point sparring while Dakota Thomas had a win in her 10-11 year continuous sparring and thirds in kata and continuous sparring.

Sophie Hardcastle claimed victory in her 14-17 kata brown/black belt as well as the full contact sparring and a second in points sparring.

Dylan Kerwick received an encouragement award in his 10-11 years kata while Sam Paton won his 18-39 kata in the novice as well as the 17+ weapons kata.

Brandon Laing also won his 18-39 novice points sparring division with Scott Cohen second in that division.

Scott Chaffey claimed third in his black belt weapons kata while William Bridge collected wins in his 8-9 boys point sparring and continuous sparring as well as third in the kata.

It was little wonder the CBBA was awarded most successful club on 

the day.

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