Tinny tribute 225 years on

A SMALL band of local descendants of the first immigrants to arrive in Australia by boat will commemorate that historic 225th anniversary tomorrow in the waters of Wallabadah Creek.

Members of the local Fellowship of First Fleeters chapter will re-enact the landing in Port Jackson of Captain Arthur Phillip and his 11 ships on January 26, 1788, with a small but special ceremony. This time around they’ll have a flat-bottomed tinny, some old-timers who will dress up as the captain, convicts, a town crier, drummer and governor, and some kids from the local school who will recite some of the stories of the first arrivals on Australian shores. The little production, according to amateur director and scripture teacher Pat Worrad, was premiered three years ago in a small way, but this time around they’ve added some more colour and spirit.

The re-enactment will be near the First Fleet Memorial Gardens in Wallabadah from about 2.30pm.

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