Heat no gym disincentive

THE blazing temperatures have not deterred Tamworth residents from seeking a good workout, with gyms hives of activity in recent days.

Fitness Plus owner Dennis Rixon said this week had been particularly busy, because it was too hot outside to be too active and so people were seeking cooler environments in which to exercise.

There has been the usual January rush of new gym members, prompted by New Year's resolutions and the indulgent holiday season.

Mr Rixon said the number of new members in January was close to double that of a typical month, and the number of inquiries rose too.

It is a similar story at Club Synergy, where personal trainer and group fitness instructor Matty Krug has not noticed a drop-off in numbers.

"I don't think so; I think it's about keeping the body hydrated and picking the best time of day," Mr Krug said.

He said those seeking an endurance workout should aim for the early morning or late evening to exercise, while the heat of the day should be kept for short, intense workouts.

Mr Krug said summer was a popular time to join the gym because it was easier than the cold months, and daylight saving made it better for people to exercise later in the day.

360 Fitness Club personal trainer Eli Latsinos agreed the warmer months provided booming trade for gyms, because people wanted to get fit for summer and found it easier to get up and exercise in the morning.

Mr Latsinos has found everyone is keen to get going with their New Year's resolutions, despite the sweltering days.

He said the gym did tend to quieten in the afternoons, but was overall busy.

"It's the same number of people, but we go through a lot more towels," Mr Latsinos said.

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