Green machine Tamworth Police Station's newest fleet vehicle

YOU won’t see it on a pursuit, but Tamworth Police Station’s latest vehicle is definitely under the radar.

A brand new hybrid Toyota Camry is the latest car in the garage of Tamworth police, and although it doesn’t have the signage and sirens of its fellow vehicles, it’s proving a hit with the community.

The hybrid vehicle will spend a year with the Oxley Local Area Command and is used for community work, including attending meetings and visiting victims of crime.

Oxley LAC Crime Prevention Officer Tracey Freeman said the new vehicle, donated by Tamworth City Toyota, frees up marked vehicles for use in high- visibility policing operations, and still allows Tamworth police to maintain an active presence in the community.

“It allows us to get into the community and talk to our interest groups more frequently without having to take away other resources,” Constable Freeman said.

“We frequently attend groups such as the war widows, talk to schoolchildren on a regular basis and it’s handy to have a car such as this one. 

“It’s really like having another crew on the road each day.”

She said the vehicle was very useful when it came to visiting victims of crime, particularly domestic violence, as its lack of loud signage made it more appropriate for sensitive visits.

“No one wants to have a marked car in the drive when it comes to particular crimes.

“This car allows us to maintain our presence in the community and allow marked vehicles to respond to urgent police jobs.”

Constable Freeman said the idea of a community vehicle was first floated last year and she wanted to thank those at Tamworth City Toyota who volunteered the vehicle.

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