Welcome back: Car stolen within hours of Tamworth arrival

FORMER Tamworth resident Ben Higgins said he wasn’t surprised when his vehicle was stolen from his parents-in-law’s Oxley Vale driveway.

The now Rockingham, Western Australia resident had his Nissan Pathfinder parked in his wife’s parents’ driveway in Jacaranda Cl at 10pm on Wednesday when thieves broke in and stole the vehicle.

“It didn’t surprise me at all because both my wife and I grew up here,” he said.

Mr Higgins was in Tamworth for Christmas with his wife, Kristin, and their two sons.

They’d driven from Western Australia earlier in the month and then spent New Year in Brisbane with Kristin’s brother.

They arrived back in Tamworth on Wednesday night and only a matter of hours later their car was stolen, but recovered yesterday morning just streets away.

“We came inside about 10pm then went out to get a couple of things from the car at midnight and the car was gone,” he said.

“We hadn’t even unpacked.”

The West Australian couple got their car back yesterday after forensic police had examined it and they will return home this weekend.

Mr Higgins said the car was locked, and was told by police there was no damage to the vehicle.

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