Murray cod on menu for anglers as Peel flows with opportunity

THE Peel River in Tamworth is luring people to its banks at the moment as more water flows down from Nundle – and with that water comes the fish.

Almost every day since the weather warmed up people can be seen putting canoes and kayaks in the water at the Jewry St bridge poles in hand, as well as people casting from the banks.

Most, like Josh Spence, who was out fishing the Peel yesterday, are after the elusive Murray cod that is known to roam the waters, but there is also yellowbelly, silver perch, the occasional catfish, and of course the “rabbit of the river”, European carp.

“Last summer I caught a few good size Murray cod near the Jewry St bridge, but I haven’t managed to get one this summer. I try and avoid the carp by only using lures,” Mr Spence said.

He only gets to go down when he gets a bit of time off work, but says there is generally a few people around fishing.

“The cod season only starts in December, although the yellowbelly and other fish are a lot more active when the water warms up, if you haven’t got a boat the Peel is a nice place to fish, and fill in some time,” he said.

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