Cup cakes for stroke victims

FLETCHER Edwards knows a thing or two about the spirit of Christmas and while visiting family in Tamworth demonstrated this spirit for stroke victims.

Selling cupcakes for $1 each, he raised $236, which he donated to the Tamworth Stroke Support Group, after his ‘“Puppa”, Don Guyer, suffered a massive stroke in September last year.

Five-year-old Fletcher had been hearing about charity from his preschool teachers, who had run the Santa Fun Run in Sydney, and came home and told his mum he wanted to raise money for a charity.

Mum, Jude Edwards, said she was surprised but happy to hear this news and spoke to Fletcher about how he wanted to go about it.

“I talked to him about it and he said he’d like to make cupcakes,” she said.

That afternoon they painted a sign and put it out the front of their Castle Hill home so all the school students would see it as they were walking home.

Then the preschool and friends ordered cupcakes as well.

Mrs Edwards cooked the cupcakes and Fletcher decorated them with Christmas-themed items.

“He did all the talking about it and selling them,” she said.

“Then I talked to him about different charities he could donate the money to and he said Puppa had been sick and would like to give him the money. I told him Puppa didn’t need the money, but we could donate it to the stroke group he was part of.”

Mrs Edwards said she was very proud of her son to come up with the idea to raise money himself for a charity at just five-years-old.

“I’d like to make it a regular thing, but it may have to be something other than cupcakes (due to the work involved, because I don’t want to make another cup cake for a long time,” she said.

The family was in Tamworth to spend Christmas with Mrs Edwards’ parents and Fletcher gave the money to the group last weekend. 

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