‘Would it attack? Was it setting me up for its next meal?’

On January 17, 2010, I was working on the Xstrata Coal Project near Sandy Hollow, Muswellbrook.

I was driving my car and as I rounded a bend in the road this large “dragon” appeared in front of me. 

That was the only word I knew to describe this monster. It was at least 5.5 to 6m long.

I chased it into the bush until its trail vanished in a great heap of bark pushed up where it had abruptly stopped.

Where was it? It was nowhere in view. Would it attack me, or was it “setting me up” for its next meal?

I was a little nervous and thinking how stupid a thing I had done in chasing this huge lizard.

A piece of bark dropped audibly in the silence onto the debris of leaves and bark on the forest floor.

About 12 metres above in the tree (some 4.5m away from me) I spotted this monster and took two photographs of it.

This huge lizard had obviously leapt some four-and-a-half metres from the ground to the tree, then scaled the tree in moments.

On Thursday, December 6 I was driving from Quipolly Dam to Quirindi when what I thought was a large goanna ran across the road in front of me.

I stopped the car as quickly as I could and ran bare-footed to the tree it had climbed. I took a photo of it.

It was what I considered a rather beautiful goanna, something just over 2m long.

Just tonight, I wanted something different on my computer as the background, so I chose the picture of the goanna I took last week.

It was only then I discovered, the shape of the tail was not that of a goanna, for a goanna has a round tail.

I am sending you two photos, one of the old, and one of the young, lace monitors for your readers to compare.

Tablet - Narrow
Tablet - Wide