NIAS girls mix it up at Farrer camp

THE Carlos IGA/Armidale City Bowling Club NIAS netball squads swapped the court for the rugby field on the weekend as part of a fun start to their training schedule.

After their initial induction last month the weekend development camp out at Farrer was their first session for the program.

The camp involved both the tier 1 and tier 2 squads, and saw them participate in a range of different activities.

Saturday incorporated a gym session, a pool session and a rugby session.

“They do hit pads and wrestle each other,” head coach Kirstie Fuller said.

It’s not the first time they’ve utilised rugby skills.

They’ve been doing a rugby session as part of the program for about three or four years.

“It gets them muscled up and ready for contact,” Fuller said.

She said they’ve found it also helps with their aggression.

Yesterday the girls went through a core work session and tried their hand at an “ironwomen activity”.

It was a cross between a triathlon and obstacle course, with the girls having to complete various tasks but with a twist.

Things like getting a canoe across the pool but without a paddle, and carrying someone on a stretcher a certain distance.

“It’s a fun way of doing things,” Fuller said.

The weekend was the first time they’ve tried that.

The concept of a weekend development camp is also a new initiative.

“We did a one-day thing at Lake Keepit last year,” Fuller said.

“We needed something longer  so they can bond.”

The girls were also put through another round of fitness testing.

Fuller said from the induction they all had to improve in one area and she was impressed with the results.

“We got better results even though the weather was hotter,” she said.

“You could see they’ve done some work the last few weeks.”

That was good to see.

Last year was one of the most successful for the program.

“It’s the best year we’ve had in terms of the NIB,” Fuller said.

They have had a bit of an overturn of players this year.

“It’s a very young squad, not many older girls.

“There  are only three who  are top age,” she said.

She’s excited about the prospects for the future though.

“Lots of the tier 2 girls –  there’s lots of potential there,” she said.

They’ll now do their own training, with the first session for the new year in February.

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