Nundle men dress to impress for quirky calendar

THE term “Calendar Girls” takes on a whole new look with the release of the latest quirky marketing idea from Nundle.

The latest attention-getter is a real girlie one – but this time around it’s 16 blokes frocked up in dresses doing what they do every day at work or play.

The 2013 Frock Up for Nundle calendar goes on sale on Wednesday and with only 300 printed in the first run, organisers look likely to be going for a re-print if there’s a pre-Christmas rush.

According to publicist Megan Trousdale, the calendar was the brainchild of Nundle musician and caterer Toni Swain and her partner, musician and shearer Jeff Gibson – who gets her gear on for the Mr/Ms April look in his shearing shed.

Tamworth photographer Sunshine Poschinger, who grew up on a property at Hanging Rock, was commissioned for a two-day shoot photographing the men in their place of work or play, wearing pre-loved frocks.

She had as much fun as the blokes did in getting it on, so to speak, and a bloopers slide show complete with Jeff Gibson music, of the shots that Sunshine threw out, shows some manly moments behind the camera that demonstrate the blokey bits behind the frocks.

The models are Robert Schofield, Nathan Schofield, Heath Atchison, Sebastian Swain, Jim Schofield, Neville Dart, Jeff Gibson, Gary Ninness, Philip Tongue, Shawn Stone, John Krsulja, Brian Wilkes, Tony Taylor, Lionel Ninness, Duncan Trousdale and Roger Sydenham.

“Toni had no problem convincing 16 fellows to frock up,” Ms Trousdale said. “There’s safety in numbers when you’re doing it for your town.”

The dresses were uncovered at Nundle’s second-hand store the Old Church Boutique and in Lifeline, Tamworth.

“But some of the men supplied their own frocks, like John Krsulja from The DAG Sheep Station, whose wife Belinda has a collection of vintage wedding dresses,” Ms Swain said.

Local Sylvia Wright organised Una Inman’s 1960s women’s bowling dress for Brian Wilkes and Peel Inn publican Robert Schofield  apparently had a grass skirt and coconut bikini top  he’d worn a million years ago when he appeared as Honey Bun in some South Pacific musical production. 

“It’s surprising what people have in their cupboards,” she said.

The calendar sale proceeds will go to the local public school and into the coffers of the Nundle business tourism group, to support their marketing and promotions of the village as a destination for weekenders and event visitors.

The calendar will be launched Tuesday night and available from Wednesday for $15 from the Nundle Visitor’s Centre, post office,

trading post, and at Odgers and McClelland Exchange stores ( The bloopers calendar show is on

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