Farrer boys’ weird and wonderful zoo  

YEAR 9 students at Farrer are about to let some weird and wonderful creatures loose in their back yards. 

Thanks to a class project that had allowed them to explore their creativity, welding skills, ability to recycle and implement their imaginations all at once, the students have created a range of animals rich in character from the metallic odds and ends lying around their homes. 

“We wanted to use the end of the year as a way of encouraging the students to think a bit outside the box,” class teacher Rod Stoaker said.

“They were told to collect junk from home that could be recycled and come up with the design of something.”

Allowing the students to take charge of what they made – by using everything from old chains to horse shoes, ball bearings and coils – resulted in everything from a miniature barbecue to an echidna made from old shearing combs with spikes, which are very authentic. 

“Its just like a real echidna. You have to be careful if you go to pick it up,” Mr Stoaker said.

He said he had been pleasantly surprised by the students’ skills and ingenuity.

“Originally the project was a bit of an extension exercise,” he said. 

“But the quality of the creatures and ornaments has come as a huge surprise.”

Teachers at the school are so impressed by some of the works they have approached students to purchase them.

“I think that speaks volumes about the level of creativity and the quality of the workmanship, which is a huge credit to the students,” Mr Stoaker said. 

The success of the class follows on other huge achievements in the school’s technology and design classrooms. 

Seven of Farrer’s graduating Year 12 students have been notified their major HSC works have been nominated for 

consideration in the 2013 In Tech display. 

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