Tamworth home break-ins up 41 per cent

THE latest crime statistics have painted a picture of highs and lows for the New England and North West regions.

The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research issued its latest quarterly report today showing a mixed bag of results for the area.

Break-ins to homes across the region has either increased or remained stable in the 24-months to September this year.

Armidale and Tamworth are the exceptions.

Armidale recorded a 21 per cent increase and it is probably no surprise that break-ins to homes in Tamworth jumped notably.

Domestic break-ins have risen by 41 per cent, with 841 recorded in the 12-months to September this year.

That was balanced by the news that thieves had turned their attention away from businesses as break-ins were down by 25 per cent.

Assaults in Armidale increased by 18 per cent, but indecent assaults and motor vehicle theft have seen slight drops.

Non-domestic-assaults in Inverell have increased by 20 per cent in the past two years with the city also experiencing an increase in domestic violence reports.

There were 73 break-ins to homes recorded in the area in the last year, an increase of one offence from the previous recording period.

Break-ins to businesses and schools in Inverell was down by 36 per cent.

In the west of the region, break-ins to homes in Moree have dropped by 10 per cent while non-domestic assaults dropped by 8 per cent.

Thefts from cars were down by 15 per cent but more cars were stolen - 133 compared to 130 in the previous year.

In Gunnedah, the council area experienced a 29 per cent drop in assaults. Break-ins to homes remained stable.

Break-ins to businesses have increased by 24 offences over the two-year reporting period.

Car theft and thefts from car break-ins had also dropped.

Domestic violence assaults in Guyra and non-domestic assaults have remained the same for the past two years.

The town has experienced a 60 per cent jump in break-ins to homes and an increase of two offences to break-ins to businesses.

There were eight more break-ins in Tenterfield in the last 12 months, standing at 57, compared to 58 last year.

That latest statistics have also recorded a drop in domestic and non-domestic violence assaults and car theft had dropped by 59 per cent.

In nearby Glen Innes, crime statistics either dropped or remained stable however break-ins to homes increased by 43 per cent.

There was also an increase in car theft for the area.

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