No stiff upper lips as mos to go

WOMEN across the country can breathe a sigh of relief today as popular men’s fundraiser Movember draws to a close.

This morning, one lucky member of the Tamworth Rotary Sunrise group will wield the razors in front of club Movember participants Stephen George, Lachlan Skinner and Chris Mahoney, who have been cultivating moustaches all month.

“I’m looking for a soft hand and a gentle touch,” Mr George joked.

“There might be a bit of a fight from the members to do the job. I gave them such a hard time about it last year.”

He said he’d been getting comments about “looking like Tom Selleck”, but that his wife wasn’t so sure.

“She feels like she’s dating a good-time man from the ’70s,” he said.

While men may have been quick to embrace the moustache, it seems women aren’t so keen on the hairy upper lips.

Social media sites report many are only enduring the bristly accessories because it’s for charity, with others stating they were “revolting” and a “complete turn-off”.

That hasn’t fazed the men from Print Leader, printers of The Northern Daily Leader.

Plateroom manager Craig Jenner says his looks a bit sparse, but press site manager David Hedges has a “pretty decent handlebar going on”.

“But mine wants to be a handlebar,” Mr Jenner said.

He’s looking forward to lathering up today.

“It’s pretty hard to get used to. I’m always getting stuff caught in it,” he said.

Wife Judy has declared she isn’t a fan and has put her foot down, saying no more mos, but Mr Jenner said the moustache was growing on him.

“I do find myself stroking it occasionally,” he said.

The 12 men participating have been selling stubby holders and raffling off prizes from local businesses, and expect to raise more than $1000 for the charity.

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