Camera catches culprits close up and in colour 

Businessman Bruce Hemmett says two men who broke into his Peel St shop and stole home decorating equipment left their trademark on film and he’s confident it will lead police to the culprits.

The Decorama business owner says an in-house video camera has given the two thieves a starring role in their own burglary show, he’s now referring 

jokingly to as Dumb and Dumber.

The robbery was revealed in glorious colour when office manager Corry Taylor scanned the footage last week.

It was the first time the shop had used the camera and it has proven a remarkable masterpiece in detailing how to track a thief.

“We found out we’d been burgled and reported it to police, and then went through the footage and found it. The two guys were about six inches away from the cameras so it’s pretty clear and pretty detailed,” Mr Hemmett said.

“You get a full view of them and it’s clear enough to read the words and identify the T-shirt one of them has on.” 

Mrs Taylor said the video revealed more than just the two blokes, one middle-aged and the other younger, doing the deed and taking off with two extension ladders used in hanging curtains and drapes.

“You can see them climbing down the roof, having a look around, grabbing the ladders and walking off,” she said.

More than that, they can make out the corporate name of a local company on the T-shirt of one of the blokes. They believe that will ultimately help lead police to the thieves.

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