Pro bull rider TV series to film at Tamworth PBR

TAMWORTH will star on the small screen in a new television drama called Wrecking Ball.

The drama is an eight-episode series dealing with the world of pro bull riding, with actor, director and writers Anthony Hayes, Matt Nable and Daniel Krige headed to the Country Music Capital for the PBR Invitational Event on November 24.

The series follows gambler, fighter, boozer and ‘wrecking ball’, ex-world champion Jack Young, played by Matt Nable (who played detective Gary Jubelin in Underbelly: Badness) who crashes through life, leaving a trail of broken relationships behind him. 

The supporting actor will be Anthony Hayes who has previously starred in The Slap and was named in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Fifteen Faces for the Future last week.

Now, at the end of his career, at 35 years 0ld, Jack’s body is battered and bruised and it is time to retire, but he unwillingly returns to the sport after the news his son has contracted a rare and life-threatening blood disease.

Jack’s body isn’t up to the task so he enlists the help of a doctor who supplies him with a concoction of morphine and testosterone to keep him riding and in touch with the championship, but his association turns dangerous when it is revealed the doctor is involved in match fixing and illegal gambling.

The series follows Jack’s journey into corporate corruption, match fixing and greed as he is tempted once again by glory, money, notoriety and fame.

The pilot episode will be filmed in Tamworth and the project will be pitched to US networks.

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